What is Globe of music?

Globe of music was created by man from Slovakia Marco Oros “Tanuki”. This blogger has started to loved World (or ethnic) music from his childhood. Before blog, It was a facebook page Globe of music. After some years, blog was appeared and connected with this page.

How It begins

It was maybe year 2001, when My grandma brought some CDs to me. Those CDs was from Oliver Shanti and next was from Deep forest. Ofcourse, My grandma says, that It is relaxing music. Ofcourse, this music is sometimes classified, as New age music, but It isn’t true. After listening this music I started to know, that It is my big journey.

There is also one reason too, why I still listen this music genre classified, as World music. I love geography, traveling and also, discovering of new languages and nations and also, how some cultures are connected due to history.

For example, Bluegrass music countains some influences from celtic music, as well, as English music too. Latin american music countains also spanish (or portuguese) influences an african influences and sometimes amerindian too.

Why I have decided to create this site?

There are not many informations about various music genres in the Czech and Slovak books, same situation is in the internet. Due to this, Slovak version was created. English version was created after that, because of little presentation of music from Slovakia, but also music from around the world too. Due to this, that I love blogging, I have created those blogs about music from around the world.