Jewish musical world

It was maybe eight years ago, when I have started to listen jewish music, mainly Klezmer. It was also in age, when I was interested specially on Balkan music. Ofcourse, there are some similarities, because Klezmer is one form of jewish music, where are some influences of balkan music.

Klezmer is popular musical style sung mainly in Yiddish. Yiddish is language of Ashkenazi Jews and It is best described, as jewish German language. There are influences of balkan music, turkish music, or roma (gipsy) music.

There are also Sephardic Jews. Those Also, Sephardim means in modern Hebrew ‘Spanish’, so those Jews uses language called Ladino, or jewish Spanish. This languagein in contrast to Yiddish is endangered.

We should not forget on one thing. Thanks to Jews, We have Judaism, Christianity, or Islam. Here is demonstration of Psalm 104 in ancient Hebrew, language of bible