Kandrac’s revolution in Slovakia

No! This is not political revolution. This is musical revolution. Kandracovci band from eastern Slovakia is the new revolutionary band of folk music in Slovakia. This band is very popular and there are many people here, which love this kind of music not just on eastern Slovakia, but also in another regions too. In theyr repertoire, there are Slovak, Gipsy and Rusin songs too.

Bulgarian folk music

It was, maybe four years ago, when I was interested on bulgarian culture. It started with Chalga pop (bulgarian pop-folk genre), nextly various cultural things and lastly, various kinds of bulgarian folk music. Also, bulgarian language is very similar to language, which was used by ancestors of Slovakia, I think on Church Slavonic.

Here is example of bulgarian folk music.

Slovenian Oberkrayner music

It was maybe in year 2011, when I’ve encountered Folk music from Alpine region. There was also Oberkrayner music from Slovenia. I’ve listened those music from various radio station across the internet, which played Volksmusik, as is named this music genre. Also, there people played also windbands, but not only of Austria or Germany, but also from Czech republic. This same with some kind of music, which I didn’t known. There were some Waltzes and Polkas, played on Accordion, Trumpet, Baritone horn and Guitar. This was Oberkrayner music. I have discovered, that this music was firstly created in Slovenia in Upper Carniola region (in german language named Oberkrayn). Ofcourse, there are maybe some similarities to the german folk music, due to the german influence of this region and also, to the slovenian culture.

If You don’t believe me, here is example of Oberkrayner music.