Bulgarian female polyphony

Some people, or maybe those which are interested on ethnic music something knows about bulgarian female polyphonic choirs. Also, some ethno musical projects and composers uses female bugarian voices too. This thing is very common in bulgarian folk music. Here is example of those balkan female angel singing. Advertisements

Slovenian Oberkrayner music

It was maybe in year 2011, when I’ve encountered Folk music from Alpine region. There was also Oberkrayner music from Slovenia. I’ve listened those music from various radio station across the internet, which played Volksmusik, as is named this music genre. Also, there people played also windbands, but not only of Austria or Germany, but…

Music from Slovakia, my homeland

Here is finally, video of my country Slovakia. Also, for people, Slovakia is eastern part of former Czechoslovakia. Slovenia is something different.

Cossack songs

Maybe You have heard about Cossacks, semi-military east slavic speaking people of Ukraine and Russia. Here is video of theyr music:

Desert Blues

Here is a demonstration of the desert blues from Mali. Concretely, this is music of Tuareg group Tinariwen.

Djembe in Paris

This is video of Djembe players in the Paris metro. I think, this is very authentic play.

African drums

African drumming tradition is very common also for us. Many tribes, many drums, this is maybe typical for Africa. We also know one drum, but We don’t know name. This is Djembe. You can find this drum not only on music shops, but also in stores with a suvenirs. Also, rhythm was at the begining…

Thumb piano

Thumb piano, also known as Kalimba, Sanza or Mbira is very typical for Southern African music in such regions, like Zimbabve, South Africa and another countries. This is made from wood, where is a resonator and metal parts produced a fascinating tones. I must say, that Mbira is tuned to the relative intervals, not to…

Armenian Duduk

Maybe You’ve heard a typical armenian music with this musical instrument. If You haven’t heard It, here is an example. Duduk is a double reed instrument made of apricott wood. Its sound is very great to heart I think. So, try listen It by a famous Duduk player Djivan Gasparian.