Zen flute

Japanese flute Shakuhachi is well known for listeners of world music, or japanese music too. There is also another association with this musical instrument, Zen Buddhism. Origin of this flute, like most of japanese musical instruments is in China. Original Shakuhachi is made from bamboo, but nowadays We can found Shakuhachi made from another materials. […]

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Bhangra, queen of Punjab

Roots of this musical genre is in punjabi folk music. But interesting is this fact, that this genre was created in United kingdom. This genre was created by punjabi migrants from India and Pakistan. Texts are in Punjabi language, but music can say maybe most to You, like texts. Maybe You are from Punjab and […]

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Qawwali and Pakistani Sufism

He who knows the secret of sound, knows the mystery of the whole universe Hazrat Inayat Khan Qawwali is musical genre in pakistani Sufi music. Sufism is mystical movement of Islam, who sais, that everything, which is created is from god, or universe. So, by Sufism everything is creation of god. I didn’t know about […]

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Bengali minstrels

When I have got CD with music from India, there were some pieces of indian classical music and also something unknown, strange and mystical. Those strange songs were two. In this time I didn’t know, that there are a lot of languages in India. After some years I have heard this language again. I knew […]

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Vietnamese cuisine

If You say word “Vietnam”, automatically You have got associations, like vietnam war, but this is not good side. In my country, there are also some vietnamese fastfoods and restaurants too. So, for example Vietnam presents not just cuisine, but also vietnamese sellers in my country. Vietnamese culture is influenced with chinese culture. Can You […]

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Japanese drumming

Maybe You have heard about It, maybe You haven’t heard about It. If somebody tryes to present by words ‘japanese music’, It is something, which is similar to another asian tradition from far east, for example China and Korea. But, in Japan, there are also taiko drumming orchestras.

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Forward to the Persia

Persia, this was country placed in land, where is today’s Iran. Nowadays, there is language called new Persian or Farsi. This is so different language of old Persian language. This country has a rich culture. Ofcourse It means, that Persian music is very amazing too. Very interesting is this fact, that is assumed, that first […]

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Music of pearl divers

One friend on the internet informed me about Fijiri music. This is music, which is mostly vocal and It is played in eastern arabic gulf states, mainly in Bahrain and Kuwait. Singers imitates such things, like taking boat to the water, swimming on the gulf and, there are also percussions too to accompany singers. They […]

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Indonesian Gamelan

Maybe somebody of You heard about indonesian Gamelan, or You are from Indonesia and maybe know this tradition very well. Gamelan is music played mostly by percussion musical instruments, mainly metallophones and some drums too. There are also some bamboo flutes and string musical instruments, but Gamelan is characterized mainly by those metallophones. I have […]

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