Bengali minstrels

When I have got CD with music from India, there were some pieces of indian classical music and also something unknown, strange and mystical. Those strange songs were two. In this time I didn’t know, that there are a lot of languages in India. After some years I have heard this language again. I knew this language by some typical sounds, which Hindi didn’t use so often, like this language. I have heard also before about Baul tradition of Bengali people, but just I have heard about It, not a Baul music. If yes, I didn’t know It. But after discovering Bengali (or Bangla) language sounds, I have tried to follow this Bengali path and ofcourse, It was musician path. After I have heard Baul music, I have connected everything and I have started to understand, what was kind of this music on this CD.

Baul is a sect of Bengali mystics. Bengali people lives in Bangladesh and in state West Bengal in India. We didn’t know much about this tradition, but We know this kind of those bengali minstrels. This music is very mystical by me and ofcourse, unique, as every traditional music for me.

Here is  demonstration of typical Baul music.


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