A gate between two worlds is in the Balkans

Now, in this article is finally time to be more interested about bulgarian music.

It was maybe five years ago, when I have started to listen bulgarian Pop-folk. This genre is best known, as Chalga in Bulgaria. It was something, like impulse for bulgarian culture and It means, that music also. It was also traditional music, but It’ll be good to start It from those first steps, which were very strange.

Bulgarian culture is Slavic, but It is something, like mixing of greek and turkish music also, because of history. Due to those factors, there are also greek and turkish influences in bulgarian music. But, when I have said to my friend from Bulgaria, that I listen Pop-folk, she says, that those lyrics are very controversial. But, this is strange, that although Bulgarians dislike this genre, they listen this music.

People in Slovakia mostly associated word “Bulgaria (Bulharsko)” with cheap holiday to coast of Black sea. It was also, one of favourite destination during Socialist era.

On bulgarian nation is strange, that this nation was slavicized. It means, that Bulgarians weren’t Slavic? Yes, Bulgarians, or Protobulgarians were turkic tribe similar to Tatars.

I’ll first started with this, which some people, who are listening world music knows very best from Bulgarian music. It is automatically associated with this country. These are polyphonic female bulgarian choirs.

So, let’s move south and climb up to the Rhodope mountains. This is not, because of Orpheus’s birth place, but It is for bagpipes Kaba gaida.

Yuri Yunakov is from Bulgaria, but he created Yuriy Yunakov ensemble in United states. It is gipsy saxophone player and here is his ensemble.

Another man is not fully Bulgarian. His first name was “Ibrahim”. From this name We can guess, that this person was maybe Turkish. Ivo Papasov is turkish gipsy clarinetist borned in Bulgaria. But, because of Bulgarisation of names, his name is Ivo. People, which are interested on Bulgarian, or Balkan music maybe knows this gipsy clarinet player. We can’t forgot on that, that first Ivo’s instrument wasn’t clarinet, but oriental oboe named zurna.



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