Jewish musical world

It was maybe eight years ago, when I have started to listen jewish music, mainly Klezmer. It was also in age, when I was interested specially on Balkan music. Ofcourse, there are some similarities, because Klezmer is one form of jewish music, where are some influences of balkan music. Klezmer is popular musical style sung […]

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Japanese drumming

Maybe You have heard about It, maybe You haven’t heard about It. If somebody tryes to present by words ‘japanese music’, It is something, which is similar to another asian tradition from far east, for example China and Korea. But, in Japan, there are also taiko drumming orchestras.

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Tamburica and Mandolin

What those instruments have common? In which country those instruments are used in traditional music? Yes, this is Croatia, but We mainly associated Mandolin with italian music, specifically with music from Naples. Croatian traditional music is sometimes divided on two parts. Slavonian tradition and Dalmatian tradition, but there are also regions, which are not parts […]

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Kandrac’s revolution in Slovakia

No! This is not political revolution. This is musical revolution. Kandracovci band from eastern Slovakia is the new revolutionary band of folk music in Slovakia. This band is very popular and there are many people here, which love this kind of music not just on eastern Slovakia, but also in another regions too. In theyr […]

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Forward to the Persia

Persia, this was country placed in land, where is today’s Iran. Nowadays, there is language called new Persian or Farsi. This is so different language of old Persian language. This country has a rich culture. Ofcourse It means, that Persian music is very amazing too. Very interesting is this fact, that is assumed, that first […]

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Caribbean Calypso

Calypso, as a music genre was created in the isles of Trinidad and Tobago. This music was created in the times, where french creole was spoken there, but nowadays Calypso is sung in English language. Also, Calypso was creates by afro-Caribbeans. Calypso was influenced another caribbean genres, such as jamaican Mento, or Reggae.

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Music of pearl divers

One friend on the internet informed me about Fijiri music. This is music, which is mostly vocal and It is played in eastern arabic gulf states, mainly in Bahrain and Kuwait. Singers imitates such things, like taking boat to the water, swimming on the gulf and, there are also percussions too to accompany singers. They […]

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Holiday in Greece

One of the first discovered foreign music was Greek music. I think on Greek music, which is known very best by foreigners not just by visiting of Greece, but sometimes by movie Zorba and main theme composed song. Also, Greek culture is one of the oldest cultures of our world and Greece is considered to […]

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