Indonesian Gamelan

Maybe somebody of You heard about indonesian Gamelan, or You are from Indonesia and maybe know this tradition very well. Gamelan is music played mostly by percussion musical instruments, mainly metallophones and some drums too. There are also some bamboo flutes and string musical instruments, but Gamelan is characterized mainly by those metallophones. I have remembered, that when I have first listen this music, It was very strange. This Gamelan music was in some CDs with Asian traditional music. I have some presentations about music of Asia, for example music from Middle east, China, India, or Japan. I didn’t know about Indonesian traditions. After I have heard one track with some strange music I found, that this is music from Bali. I knew, that Bali and Java are two islands of Indonesia. It was My first contact with those musical traditions.

There are two popular traditions of Gamelan known in the West, Balinese and Javanese.

Balinese gamelan is very wild and hilarious with rapid rhythms:

In contrast, there is also Javanese gamelan, which is more meditative with slower rhythms:


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