African drums

African drumming tradition is very common also for us. Many tribes, many drums, this is maybe typical for Africa. We also know one drum, but We don’t know name. This is Djembe. You can find this drum not only on music shops, but also in stores with a suvenirs. Also, rhythm was at the begining of human and human came from Africa. African music played on drums is sometime very polirhythmic, but very great to dance and trance also too.

Here is an example of African drum music:

Thumb piano

Thumb piano, also known as Kalimba, Sanza or Mbira is very typical for Southern African music in such regions, like Zimbabve, South Africa and another countries.

This is made from wood, where is a resonator and metal parts produced a fascinating tones. I must say, that Mbira is tuned to the relative intervals, not to the absolute pitch. Maybe It can be possible to tune it to the pentatonic scale.

Here is the sound:

Throat singing from Mongolia and Tuva

People specially in Mongolia and Tuva practice something, which We called Throat singing, or overtone singing. Term Throat singing is also used in inuit folklore, but this is not this same, which is practiced in Tuva, Mongolia and neighbor regions.

Overtone singing is style, when You sing two or three tones at once. It means, You sing overtones. Overtones are multiplications of one (fundamental) frequency, for example main frequency is 100 HZ and overtones are 200, 300, 400, 500 ETC.


Here is an example of mongolian overtone singing called Khoomei (Khöömei):