Bulgarian female choir and somebody else

Maybe those people, who are interested on world music and mainly on Balkan, or Bulgarian music, especially on bulgarian female choirs knows something about ‘The Mystery Of The Bulgarian Voices’, or ‘Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares’. After two decades, this bulgarian unique choir has created something new, but there is somebody else.

It is Lisa Gerard. Maybe You have heard about this artist, or about her duet Dead can dance with Brendan Perry. There is also used her glossolalia, like in this famous duet. But not just Lisa’s languages are transcendental, her vocals are transcendental too and with those bulgarian female choir It is very unique.

As a result, new album was created in 25th may, 2018 named ‘BooCheeMish‘.

I’ve heard about this album in Slovak Radio Devin in programme about ethnic music. My experience was very unique and transcendental. Later, after one month, a czech alternative musician Vlastimil Marek has written article about their concert in Czech language.

If You would like to confirm My emotions from this music, here is a demonstration.

Visit of land of a thousand lakes

I haven’t any knowledge about Finnish people, also about Finland too, when I was nine years old. It was changed, when I have heard on slovak radio Devin songs from one band. Those songs and language was very interesting. After that I have heard, that It was Värttinä from Finland, something was changed. I have discovered, that this band combines traditional music with moder musical genres and this band very well represent Finland in world music charts. Värttinä also inspired another groups from Finland to combine modern styles of music with traditional music.

I dislike people, who pretend, how loves theyr nation, but mainly by attacking another nations. They are not presenting theyr culture, but Finns love theyr culture very well and adapt theyr culture to actual times.

If You don’t believe me, here is video of Värttinä.

Andalusian classical music

If You think, that this music will be from Andalusia, this is big mistake. Ofcourse, this music was maybe created in this region, but in this period, when Andalusia was under arabic control. Remember, that due to Arabs, there are nice monuments, like arabic gardens, ETC.

This Andalusian classical music is popular in North Africa in states, like Morocco, or Algeria. Maybe Arabs brought this music back to theyr homeland. When I’ve heard this music genre I thought, that this music is from Andalusia, but It wasn’t true. This music was from Algeria, but name Andalusian classical music still exists.

Here is demonstration of this music genre.

Music of aboriginal Australians and Didgeridoo

Music of aboriginal Australians is very unique. Typical for this music is wind instrument Didgeridoo. Its low sound full of overtones is best known by alternative musicians, or listeners of New age music, or world music. Playing on this musical instrument is very simple. You can use voice sometimes, if You play on It. Littlebid difficult is something, which is very typical from this musical instrument. It is circular breathing, when You inhale by nose and exhale by mouth. But, It is possible.

If You don’t know this musical instrument, so let’s listen a sound of It and You maybe decide, that You would like to play It.

Zen flute

Japanese flute Shakuhachi is well known for listeners of world music, or japanese music too. There is also another association with this musical instrument, Zen Buddhism.
Origin of this flute, like most of japanese musical instruments is in China. Original Shakuhachi is made from bamboo, but nowadays We can found Shakuhachi made from another materials. If We compare ancestor of this japanese flute, japanese descendant is remaked very well. Interesting, that this flute was used by Zen monks of sect Fuke. It was used, as part of blowing meditation. Sometimes this musical instrument was used for begging for alms by those monks too. Sometimes monk uses this musical instrument, as a weapon.

After some political changes, Shakuhachi was played with japanese zither Koto, or Shamisen. Untill some centuries, Shakuhaki solo playing was again revived.

If I’ll haveto describe sound of this flute, It is very spiritual and unique. There is esence of Zen too. I can present this sound in typical japanese garden, also with some bird and water sounds too. So, here is demonstration of true Shakuhachi sound.

You can also meet with synthetic Shakuhachi, for example in some meditation (new age) compositions. It is best known in songs by Enigma, or this sound is found in song Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel.


Also, You can find Shakuhachi in some experimental Jazz genres.

Bhangra, queen of Punjab

Roots of this musical genre is in punjabi folk music. But interesting is this fact, that this genre was created in United kingdom. This genre was created by punjabi migrants from India and Pakistan. Texts are in Punjabi language, but music can say maybe most to You, like texts. Maybe You are from Punjab and You’ll understand this language.

Some hits of this musical genres were popular in western countries too, also in Slovakia and some elements of this musical genre are in Bollywood music too. Due to this, that Bhangra was created on the west, there are some modern influences.

Here is demonstration of authentic Bhangra music.

Qawwali and Pakistani Sufism

He who knows the secret of sound, knows the mystery of the whole universe
Hazrat Inayat Khan

Qawwali is musical genre in pakistani Sufi music. Sufism is mystical movement of Islam, who sais, that everything, which is created is from god, or universe. So, by Sufism everything is creation of god.

I didn’t know about this style of music named Qawwali. But, when I have known name of this singer, who sings one (for me very mystical) song I discovered, that Nusrad Fateh Ali Khan is from Pakistan and He plays style called Qawwali. Name of this song was Must Must, or Dam mast Qalandar mast. This song was something, like praise chanting to famous sufi saint Lal Shahbaz Qalandar.

Next is demonstration of this mentioned song, as live (concert) recording, but You can find original studio recording on Youtube too.

Bengali minstrels

When I have got CD with music from India, there were some pieces of indian classical music and also something unknown, strange and mystical. Those strange songs were two. In this time I didn’t know, that there are a lot of languages in India. After some years I have heard this language again. I knew this language by some typical sounds, which Hindi didn’t use so often, like this language. I have heard also before about Baul tradition of Bengali people, but just I have heard about It, not a Baul music. If yes, I didn’t know It. But after discovering Bengali (or Bangla) language sounds, I have tried to follow this Bengali path and ofcourse, It was musician path. After I have heard Baul music, I have connected everything and I have started to understand, what was kind of this music on this CD.

Baul is a sect of Bengali mystics. Bengali people lives in Bangladesh and in state West Bengal in India. We didn’t know much about this tradition, but We know this kind of those bengali minstrels. This music is very mystical by me and ofcourse, unique, as every traditional music for me.

Here is  demonstration of typical Baul music.

French and Caribbean

I remembered on one day, when I have discovered something, like ‘French west Indies’. I lastly noticed, that word ‘West Indies’ is used for Caribbean isles. English language is mostly used on those countries, such as Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago ETC. Spanish language is official in Cuba and Dominican Republic. French language is official in countries, such as Guadeloupe, Martinique, or Haiti. There are also some dutch language caribbean countries too, but now I would like to go to Haiti.

Haiti was first caribbean country I have heard, that French is official language there. Also, there is used mostly spoken creol ‘Haitian Creol’. In french caribbean states styles, such as Zouk, or Compas ‘Kompa’ are influenced by african rhythms. This is not something unusual in this region, because same situation is in another caribbean countries.

Demonstration is from Haiti’s modern Compas.

Vietnamese cuisine

If You say word “Vietnam”, automatically You have got associations, like vietnam war, but this is not good side. In my country, there are also some vietnamese fastfoods and restaurants too. So, for example Vietnam presents not just cuisine, but also vietnamese sellers in my country.

Vietnamese culture is influenced with chinese culture. Can You imagine, that Vietnamese language was written before Latin adoption due to French colonization. Other southeast asian countries are influenced mostly bi Hindu culture, not by Chinese. If yes, It is very little. So, let’s go to this country in Far east.

After main dish let’s get some desert. It’ll be from Hmong ethnic group, who has same status, like Tibetans in China.

Or, get also another singing desert from Vietnam? So, let’s serve It.